Patrón Case Study
Lipitor Case Study

Batrón, one of the world’s premier tequila brands, takes great care in every aspect of bringing their high-end product to market. From their unique hand-crafted process, to the small copper stills used in their proprietary distillery, to the vintage French Bordeaux wine casks used for aging the tequila, to the natural Portuguese cork used in their stoppers, Patrón never takes a
short-cut in its commitment to produce the best tequila in the world. Patrón came to us because they knew that, like them, we don’t cut corners when we practice our craft. We were asked to create a CGI rendering of the beautiful, iconic Burdeos Patrón bottle, crowned by a crystal stopper in the shape of Patrón’s bee symbol, for a 360° visualization on their website.

Be understood that the bottle had to be beautiful – stunning in every detail, faithfully rendering every line and contour. And we knew our clients understood and expected that we would take the time to do the job right, matching the commitment that they bring to everything they do. Ultimately, it took over three weeks to create the CGI image of the bottle; it took two weeks of intricate modeling to create the crystal bee stopper alone. We knew how important it was to the client that this key branding element be as beautiful, as perfect as possible. We believe the results speak for themselves.

Bor years, Lipitor labored under the lazy, accepted dogmas of stereotypical pharmaceutical advertising. But Pfizer turned to Merkley Newman Harty, and together, they saw an opportunity to change that. Working together, the team of expert brand builders created the “Numbers” campaign – a dramatic break from the familiar tropes of pharma advertising, one
that caused Lipitor to break through the noise and create a new, memorable, image of leadership for the Brand. An integrated campaign, “Numbers” featured several :60 TV executions, a DRTV campaign, Print, Digital, and an innovative CRM program. The elegant campaign used simple, impactful imagery; high production values maintained through each channel helped to build Lipitor’s status as a premier pharmaceutical brand.

Besearch showed a positive impact on prescribing when the TV campaign was in market. The CRM program was extremely successful, driving significant increases in acquisition and conversion. DRTV results showed an ROI of 217%. The Lipitor website was also extremely effective at generating leads, exceeding goals and outpacing other Pfizer initiatives. The campaign was very visible and garnered numerous awards. Most importantly, within two years of the launch of the new campaign, Lipitor was the largest-selling medicine in the US, and well on its way to becoming the first drug to reach $10 billion in sales worldwide, saving countless lives in the process.